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Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Can I now view others through the compassionate eyes of my heavenly Father?

Am I moved by their pain to action?

Dose their suffering force me to my knees to plead that there eyes be opened to the great and powerful love of God found in Christ Jesus his son.

God longs for us and loves us far more than is in our human power to know, understand and find out. When we surrender in knowing it fully through him, the full power of God's kingdom pushes back the darkness far beyond the light of his wonderful presence :-)

God is closer to us than we realise.

He wants to bless us more than we want the blessing.

If we will only open our hearts to the power of God's love for us nothing would be out of the question or impossible for us.

The truth is that we are more than victories through Christ who loves us and has given his life to us to prove it.

The life he has given us has no beginning and no ending, it just is, and what it is we may not yet fully know.

But we do know that when he appears we will know him even as we are now known by him.

The Fathers eyes are powerful, and he is waiting for us to look at others and ourselves in the light of his wonderful and powerful love for us :-)

Q :-)

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