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The Heart Is Not Misleading

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Our minds can be, and has the power given by our thoughts to play tricks. [11\23/2021^35] Living simply means turning away from many thing's that's created in this world, many of these things I speak on are worthless to you and your travels to the hereafter. Being detached from this world does not mean that you should forbid what God, has permitted.

How can you fear poverty when our Lord owns all that is in the heavens and the earth? {Last Thought's} *The essence of living simple is being content with what God, has given in assisting upon your real needs. This world, in comparison with the world to come is the same as if you were to put your finger in the ocean. Consider how much water you would have when you pulled your finger from the ocean, the difference is really mind blowing. But it's always best to stay with the truth over what is unhealthy for the heart a lie to the creation of misguidance Take Care. $,Anderson-288318...

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