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The Lordship of Christ Saves Us

If Jesus isn't the Lord of our lives, there is little chance that He can save us.

We need to yield to the direction and guidance provided for us through God's word, the power of the Holy Spirit, and fellowship of other like minded believers.

We've heard it said, "Jesus is my Lord and saviour."

It would seem that Jesus is Lord before He is saviour. In the gospels Jesus says many times, "follow me."

Following Jesus entails doing what He tells us to do in His word.

The words tells us to obtain from a lifestyle of sin, and to not let any part of our bodies be used for sin.

Our mind is part of our bodies. So watch what you allow yourself to think about.

God does not ask us to do anything he hasn't already empowered us to do. If the word of God calls us to do something. He gives us grace to get the job done.

With Jesus as our master, and His word as our guide. He can save us from anything.

It's not our knowledge of scriptures that makes the difference, but our willingness, and determination to do what is says, that allows the Lordship of Jesus to save us every time.

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