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Updated: Jan 19, 2022

For anyone who my read this ROBB REPORT, please understand that this

is an honest look at what society looks at as bad people. There's a magazine in print called the Robb Report and they report on the finer things in life, like yachts, cars, watches and champagne's and what not. My ROBB REPORT speaks about the unpleasant things, the uncomfortable things, the truth behind the people who have committed atrocities in communities, the people who have hurt families and destroyed lives. This is not about glamorizing our lives. The ROBB REPORT is just 1 avenue to give back, a way to release that burden most men carry, but also it provides a way for people who otherwise don't necessarily understand our destructive lifestyles an opportunity to hear firsthand accounts. People look at prisoners as the scum of the earth and believe me there's guys who never deserve freedom, but there are also men who wake up. I remember a time when the Churches would open their doors to help men, and now I see the Church doors shutting on us, yet accepting of others that God condemns. While I'm confused, I just give the wheel to God and hope he will bless our journey. Alphonso, Charles and Myself are fully committed to a lifestyle of change and as I do this time I will draw from other men's change, to share with the world. The goal is not to please people, we wanna speak of our defeats to stop the cycle and save young kids lives. It is my hope that Churches will start reaching back to help men like myself becuz men need support when they release, and those Church doors have to open for us. In addition to that, gangs have a chokehold on kids. We hope that mothers and fathers can direct these kids to read these stories becuz if kids get real information they will make real life choices. We give real people from these lifestyles in hopes to save lives. We sit in these prisons living with regrets, and I don't want that for no kids moving forward. The last thing I want people to know is if you have any questions for anybody please leave an email at the website for ROBB REPORT and we will answer your questions. My Prison address is Robert Hampton #708710 Stafford Creek Correction Center 191 Constantine way. Aberdeen Wa 98520 If you want confidentiality you can mail direct. We will make every effort to earn the trust of our communities, and I pray that our honesty is the first step.

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