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THE ROBB REPORT - The Corona Virus Edition

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Today is December 19th and I'm sitting in Isolation in prison. I came to Isolation on December 15th after a medical emergency. I became dizzy

I could barely breath. After reporting this I was actually taken to an outside hospital. Upon return I was placed in Isolation and told nothing. To put this in perspective let me tell you that at Airway Heights Prison we have 871 positive cases at Coyote Ridge we have 349 positive cases, at Monroe we have 69 positive cases, at Shelton we have 534 positive cases, at Walla Walla we have 400 positive cases and here at Stafford Creek we have 374 cases. And yesterday an officer (not a nurse) told me I'm positive. Since being in Isolation I've been told nothing, in fact late last night another officer informed me that I cant come out of this room