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Updated: Jan 19, 2022

There is a side of me that wants to be religious in posting these blogs, and there is another side of me that's innated in me that has to stay REAL and RELEVANT to reach a generation of men and women that are mostly forgotten about the G.A.N.G members.... (God's Anointed New Generation) So with that being said, that's the vain and view I will stay in knowing that a lot of Religious folks will not understand our service to a culture of men and women that have adopted a cancerous lifestyle that has, and is, containing to effect communities generationally. "Home Boys and Home Girls I know at times it must be difficult to believe that God is real when you see the homies getting killed early in the game and you feel'n like, "damn...he was a good brotha", or when your household has been fatherless since childhood, and some preacher wants to to tell you about a HEAVENLY Father. So many of those things and more is true, and was true in my own life. But it was not until I lost my life that I found my life, and I realized God didn't create me--nor us--to create gangs or cause chaos in our own communities.

He actually created us to change the course of our community GENERATIONALLY. But the problem was we were misguided by brokenness in our homes and our communities became just as broken. But there's good news in all that brokenness …. Because "its in the breaking of the of man that becomes the making of a man" when he realizes that he can help those that where just as broken as he was walk in a new light. By helping redeem those that he can relate to he can point them to the Redeemer of all Mankind before its too late, because no man knows the date nor the hour that His or Her soul will be required of them. Its only God's Grace that keeps a Gangsta whose in a state of blindness, because He knows what He has created us for. So let That be so....

Mr. Alphonso Bell Entrepreneurial of the Spirit

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