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Then Nothing Happens......

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

I was thinking. Like, I'm watching this situation play out behind the video tape of the officer murdering that brotha while the other officers watched and did nothing. At first I had mixed emotions becuz I saw how the deck was stacked with the 2 charges Murder3 and manslaughter. Most people who don't know the law wouldn't recognize that that was a justice loophole, but apparently these younger kids actually seen it and reacted. But the problem I see now is that the Devil has taken over. Its out of control now and that makes it not about that young brotha who lost his life. The more this goes on the less it means. But my heart asks me "why when we as black men kill each other we don't organize and condemn each other" ? Its a serious question becuz at the end of the day, the Devil has put his hands all over that, so we are doomed to get the same result. The police bring in National Guards, we waste money, they spray tear gas, we go home and sleep, and come back. THEN NOTHING HAPPENS. But what if we use that energy every time we took another brotha's life? I mean, I get it, but as I get older it becomes a double standard. It sends a message that its okay if we kill our own. Now I definitely understand that people are tired of this continually happenin but I don't understand how burning Detroit, Philly, Atlanta, Looting and killing a security guard in Oakland helps our position. I'm lost. Then, I see in our communities we have no strong leaders to stop the madness. I sat this weekend waiting for President Obama to come on t.v. and tell cats to stop. The news ain't showing no prayer vigils for that brotha. Evil has overtaken the situation. WE NEED TO PRAY AND TRUST GOD.

Robert Hampton

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