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These dates are familiar in many historian and family and now familiar to me as a convicted felon. That hope to convey a clear picture of a pandemic through the eyes of a prisoner in the year of 2020 in Washington State prisons. Where there is an enormous breakouts of Covid 19 and prisoners are fractic about their lives as well as their security. Because here we are 10 months into a global pandemic and those that have been places in Authority has not implemented and institutional plan prior to this recent breakout of Dec 5 2020. How could that be? When it was impossible to keep and airborn virus outside of the wall and fences when correction officers come inside and out of these prison in the hundred due to shift calls. My logic in this pandemic is that when was it going to coming ? Because everything and everyone that govern the grounds of this prison including us felons was once outside of here so it was indelible to come and NO plan from Authority just hoping it wouldn't now inmates are panicking and prison is more chaotic prior to a pandemic. For instance I am housed in a facility with 1800 felon with six different housing units. And out of the six living unit H-4 B-Pod houses 264 people and by the Grace and the Mercy of the Creator our entire housing Unit tested twice double negative. But no sooner than a hour after the Gospel (good news) came from our Custody Unit Supervisor those in Higher Management moved others that had tested positive one and negative once into the cleanest Housing Unit and Quarantine them in cells. THAT IS ABSOLUTELY UNLOGICAL and UNPROFESSIONAL that goes back to our Govern Authority begin unprepared 9 months prior to a global pandemic. Because most prison officials only come to do their 8hr circle of work and dont care about human life nor Rehabilitation nor Corrections. Its apart of American History modern day Slavery. America the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave incarcerate 25% of its population that are'nt free and that miss use bravery. ''A PANDEMIC THROUGH THE EYES OF A PRISONER." Intellectual Property of Mr. Alphonso Bell #715947 Stafford Creek Corrections Center Aberdeen Wa. 98520

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