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Up & Down, In & Out

We're all familiar with the feelings of frustration and discouragement that come from living the up and down, in and out life. The only good that come from this sort of existence it the determination to try something different it creates within us. The definition of insanity is to do something over and over again the same way and expect different results. If we want something different, then we will need to try a different approach.

I'm finding that what I need in the midst of my up and downs and in and outs is a fresh revolution of Jesus. I need a new vision of Christ if I am to grow and expand spiritually. My emotional health is closely connected to my spiritual condition. I need healthy spirituality as the foundation for emotional health.

There is a pressing you experience in your up and downs and in and outs. This is a process by which we can be cleansed and made ready for further use to the Father. This pruning is uncomfortable. If we embrace it, it balances our character. If we fight it, it will bring us harm. What we need it trust. It's our only option. Christ experienced His pressing after his baptism when the Spirit drove him into the wilderness to experience the cleaning of his humanity so it would be made ready for the work for which it was created. It is no different for us. We will all likewise partake of the same in hope.

The process comes in seasons throughout our lives. We need to be sensitive to the Holy Spirits gentle leading. He will direct us in and through these periods of spiritual growth. This growth is not measured in the absence of difficulties but the trust in our creator these difficulties crate within us. The more we trust Him in the process the more strength and endurance we gain.

Stay focused on Jesus through these difficulties and you will walk upon them like Peter walked on the water. Weather we walk or sink we are developing spiritually by learning to trust Chris. This transforms our every failure into success.

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