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What Got Created*? Oh A Thought. Pt*1...

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Please Proceed : With out question this is one of my favorable subject, cause everything start's, and branches' off in many direction's, let's call them our highway of thought's. We haven't the power to turn our thought's down or off, so gaining this knowledge is imperative, Without our thought's, we would be as the liking's of zombie's. Discovering the working ways of our thought process, is to also understand this fact, your thought's can emotionally hurt or assist you in a successful fashion. To gain this golden understanding will turn your life around, the knowledge in itself will give you the power that's needed to do so. One of the gratifying aspect's. of this is discovery how we really feel about different thing's, many of our thought's shouldn't at all even get airtime. Ask yourself, why do it bother you that God, decided to make it rain today*?* A person could come up with many reason not having right's to. God's, plans over seed's your thought's. Letting the rain set your thought's in a sad state, also bring's on sad emotion's, and feeling's. You must do all you can to stop being unfair to yourself, your thoughts shouldn't have this kind of control over your life. On top of that when we have healthy thoughts we gain peace within ourselves, by the chooses and decisions we make. If there is one certainty, it's that we think, and over think things way to much, then we wonder what went wrong, I tell you we keep adding thing's that don't fit. Ever moment of the day, our mind's are busy trying to make sense about our lives. We think about our present, our future, we worry and contemplate, we remember, we laugh, and have fun times. We have guilty thought's, thought's of shame, pessimism and optimism. For ever attempting to figure out life, and solving "ituation". Meaning : "ituation's" problem's caused by your word's and action's, or the like's of another persons doing. Simply put, your feelings are caused by a thought at a stop light. Your thinking cause's your action's to kick in. Both are very powerful, and will work against you, if you don't gain self discipline over your thought's.

You can't feel sad without first having sad thought's, be angry without having angry thought's, or be frustrated without thinking about what's frustrating you. Be happy it's just one of the way's to being wise. If you were going to get yourself all work up how would you do it*? There's only one way, you would have to gear up the thought's, that you have chosen to give airtime to, in doing so brings on the corresponding emotion's, and feeling's. Pretty obvious, isn't it*? This obvious link between thinking, and feeling is not clearly understood, very few people live their lives as if they comprehen, or want to know in truth. Do You*?* THEEND. Take Care, Smiling Is Healthy, Cause It Makes Other Smile Too $"A......288318 12*14*20 Last Thought's : It's so much information on this subject, I'm going to do a short pt"2...coming very soon..

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