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Updated: Jan 19, 2022

It dawn on me the other day during my daily devotion how powerful words really are. Its almost like I was given a new revelation of an old wise tale. What I realize while on this road to self discovery

is that emotional stability is one of the keys to a healthy life and the second key is words and its meaning we give them.

The tricky part of turning the key to words is that we don't have to give words meaning if they do not deserve a meaning at that particular time in our lives. Why ? Because definitions are vital starting points in our everyday conversation as well as in our imagination. What we cannot imagine are understand cannot come into our begin.

Besides given meaning to words can mark ones starting point or ones destination to where one wants to to end up on in this journey we articulate as life. Discover your meaning on the road you envision as destiny and it will mean the world to you alone.

Mr. Alphonso Bell

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