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Who Are You Living To Be?

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Who Will You Never Be?

Being truthful within yourself, always delivers the best answers.

Learning who you are, creates your beliefs, morals, and values

after all, it no fun being an inheritor to another persons life.

Making your own laws is, one of the best components to life,

doing the mathematics come with understanding, knowledge,

and wisdom.

Proceeding :

Every nation received a Prophet, or Messenger sometime

both at some point in it's history, all proclaiming the same

message from God.

The simplicity of this message appeals naturally to every soul, in

the absence of arrogance, corrupt reasoning, or indulgence in desires in which precedence is given to worldly pleasures.

Holding or having religious debates on what you say you believe

in, tells another story, cause being a believer is without doubt, never depending on what another person say.

These that feel threaten by the message would resorted to jest and mockery amongst other things that was available to people that disliked truth.

Mockery of the Messengers, and Prophets is nothing new, and every Messengers was subject to the acts of the unbelievers.

The entire universe appears designed to facilitie life and indicates a purpose and meaning~(to life.)

Leading to a foundation for moral codes, each soul has been inspired with a conscience of a mapped out guidance.


Please give your time, in reading another one of my bllogs.

You also have the rights to leave your thoughts, opinions and feelings in the comment box.

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