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Updated: Jun 30, 2021

I recently I did an interview of Alphonso and I added my own short testimony about how God has had a stronghold on my life, but also I opened up about my crime. What I didn't get into at the time was the fact that when we commit these crimes we have VICTIMS. When I committed my crime of Murder it was in Vancouver Washington on East 18th street. It scared a whole neighborhood and people got up and moved. I had no idea then, but I VICTIMIZED a whole neighborhood. When we are out doing stupid stuff we tend to forget that somebody's Grandmother, Mother, Sisters, Kids and others are in these neighborhoods and our heinous acts scares the hell out of people. Its usually a lot of people that we don't even know of. We commit these crimes and our VICTIMS have families. So just imagine, your family member goes out and gets murdered, and now the family is stuck grieving, and on top of that you now have to plan a funeral. (Question?) So what if that family is not prepared with the proper insurances, and what if they're not financially stable? SEE! These are the things we need to start thinking about becuz we are hurting lots of people with our actions of ignorance. Just think about how you just set a family backwards with your acts of violence. NOW! Think about what kind of effect your act of violence can have on your family. I brought shame to my mom. She worked all of her life and was established in the community and then they're blasting my face all over the news. She still has to go to work, and everyone knows she's my mother. Its an embarrassment she didn't ask for, PLUS, I gotta think deeper about the fact that she has to live with the fact that she gave birth to a murderer. She is now a VICTIM. But also, I had other kids I was supporting. My kids moms now become VICTIMS becuz now they have to fend for self. I waived all my fatherly responsibilities as far as paying bills and getting kids to schools, hospital check ups, sports and buying groceries. So after awhile another man slides in to take your place, but the fact is, THEY ARE VICTIMS. And we don't think about this but OUR KIDS ARE VICTIMS. My kids played baseball and football and I was never there. I never seen my kids play sports and believe me my kids remind me all the time how I wasn't there. I just wanted to put this out there becuz its real. I spoke to Alphonso weeks ago and I told him that FILTHY RAGS OUTREACH, should offer a voice to VICTIMS OF CRIME. We can start to create a RESTORATIVE JUSTICE if we allow space for VICTIMS to tell their stories. PLEASE! WRITE FILTHY RAGS OUTREACH AND TELL YOUR STORY.

Robert Hampton

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