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Filthy Rags Outreach Members Biographys

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Mini-Biography of Alphonso Bell

Hello world, my name is Alphonso Bell and I am the Visionary and Founder of Filthy Rags Outreach. I write this mini-biography of ministry in the hopes that you will get a glimpse into the soul of a temporal man with an eternal vision of winning lost souls into the Kingdom of God.

I could begin with all that God has blessed me with on this short journey of walking in the light or all the accomplishments that I have achieved in my short 44 years of life, but the reality, however, is that I have failed in a lot of areas in my life. Father starters, I failed as a father and a son due to my selfish ambitions and lifestyle. I made a mess of the first half of my life misusing and abusing of what I come to find out was a innate God given gift of influence, personality, and counsel. As a result, I became a leader of a gang which caused me to give up my good family name and upbringing all for the pseudo family of gang life.

I share all this here with you all to say that failure is not final. I now live with a mentality that I might be caged but I'm really not .... because I'm more than conqueror in Christ Jesus, and I realize that all my wisdom has come through my failures in life. Now, I'm willing to serve the world through the ministry of transparency, telling of my past defeats so that others can know that they too can live a victorious life after any mishap or displacement they might suffer.

In closing, I would like to combine some of my past with my current experiences of growth and achievement to show that I am more than capable of fulfilling my earthly duties of being a servant leader and visionary for Filthy Rags Outreach. I plan to help this world by redirecting the misguided youth, men and women by being somebody they can count on and relate too.

"We are a face to the unseen, an ear to the unheard, and a vision to the vision-less."

Alphonso Bell Visionary and Founder Filthy Rags Outreach

Alphonso Albert Alexander Bell, 44 years young Graduated Olympic High School, Siverdale, Washington Attended Western Washington University (Smart Program ) in studies of Psychology returned following year as a Residential youth Counselor to inner-city youth. Completed a 1year course of Real men's ministry commissioned through Christian Men's Network Currently Mentor and Facilitate a Men's Stepping program up through Family Life Ministry Completed 6 month In-Dept Biblical Discipleship course syllabus course 1 Biblical counseling Training Program Kairos Prison Ministry Graduate

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