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Get Understanding

Scriptures: Proverbs 4 7/Matthew 13:18-19/Mark 4:14-15/Daniel 10:10-13/2 Corinthians 4:3-4/Ephesians 4:17-19.

What has become apparent to me, through pressing into to these passages from the Bible, is that we have an unseen enemy who's committed to keeping us blind to the truths contained in God's word. Became it's the truth that dispel the lies of the enemy setting us free. Jesus is the truth, and when he sets us free, we are free indeed.

In Ephesians 6:12 we are given a picture of the realities we read about in Daniel chapter 10. There is a battle going in for your mind. The devil and his angels are wrestling with Michael and his angels to keep Daniel from receiving the answer to the most powerful and humble prayer we can pray as God's beloved children. The prayer for Understanding.

Jesus said the sower/preacher sows/preaches the word. That's when all hell breaks loose in the spiritual realm. In Matthew 13:19 Jesus said. "When anyone hears the word of the kingdom, and understands it not, then comes the wicked one, and snatches away that which was sown in his heart." This is not a faceless enemy. Marks gospel names him for us. Mark says, "Satan comes immediately, and takes away the word that was sown in their hearts."

Our enemy doesn't care how much we go to church, fellowship or hear or read the word. That's not a threat to him became he knows that apart from receiving the understanding of what we're reading or hearing it will produce nothing but an emotional experience that quickly fades away. He doesn't care if the light of God's truth passes over us, he just doesn't want the understanding of it to get into us. If the light of God's truth ever gets into us, we will become the city on a hill that gives light to all blanketed in a sea of confusion in the valleys below.

Notice how Satan waste no time. What he knows he needs to do to accomplish his diabolical plan he dose immediately. We should have the same tenacity in our approach when to getting the understanding we need to live the lives God has called us to live. Mark gos on to tells there in his gospel to pay attention to the understanding we receive from the holy spirit when we study God's word. Verse 25 could read" to him who has true understanding/revelation, to him more revelation will be given."

We need to understanding that the understanding we have we did not come to on our own. It was given to us by revelation. That's what the devil is after, our revelation became he knows that if we get revelation it will spark a vision of God's will and plan for our lives. He's finished if the vision of God's will takes root in our hearts. It's then that the gospel has found good ground prepared by receiving understanding which puts the wisdom of God to practical application in our lives.

So in all the revelation and vision you get/receive from God and his word. Get understanding and understand we're not alone. He has sent his holy spirit to us and he will never leave us :)

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