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Handcuffing Your Feels

$"A...... # Handcuffing Your Feels.


"Do not envy each other ; do not give hateful words towards each

other ; and do not eavesdrop, or speak on what's not "your business" .

Do not compete with worldly benefit just to exclude others from it) ; and

do not spy on each other. (searching for faults is an evil act.

Do not give into the unfairness of the cold shoulder to petty misunderstandings that have the power to stopping growth within each of your hearts.

And do not interfere in business deals.

"Beware of suspicion, for verify suspicion is the. most. false (form) of speech."

"Verily. God, does not consider your appearance or your wealth in (appraising you) but He considers what's in the hearts, and the weight

of your deeds."


Yes the time has been long, I think I got lost, Lol.

I'll be back a lot soon in the coming days.

If you would like to write about any of my given words

please use this #-288318 and go online to to sign up

for the rights to sending email's to each other.

Or You Can Send A Letter By Mail, I'll Will Reply.

Steve Anderson- 288318


Stafford Creek Corrections

191 Constantine Way

Aberdeen Wa. 98520

Thank You For Your Time.

Take Care.


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