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Stanley "Tookie" Williams (2004) Death Row

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

"My redemption is a continual process of change that promotes day-to-day improvement in my life. No one can give redemption to me no one can intercede on my behalf. I have to earn it myself. Even now, attempting to clarify this experience, I fall short. I don't expect anyone who's not had this sort of experience to comprehend it or be able to relate to the redemptive struggle by a condemned man. I have swum in the gutter among the dead, but had the fortitude to step out of the filth, wash off, and walk among the living.

Redemption is not a discrimimable commodity based on classism, elitism, political favorism, gender, race, creed, or color. Redemption awaits everybody.. this prison environment is not a reflection of me, nor am I addicted to its deadening and vicious manipulation.




What a powerful passage and statement by the Founder and Leader of a notorious street gang called the Crips. While living on death row coming into pure knowledge and understanding of the redemptive process of life.

The stories of redemption are the most powerfullest stories that are told. But man must TRUST THE PROCESS, RESPECT THE PROCESS, and hold himself ACCOUNTABLE TO THE PROCESS before the plug is pulled on the process.

Imagine how many young lives Tookie would have redirected in the redemptive process by begin able to redeem those that he can relate too and point them to the root of redemption, the Redeemer, Christ Jesus, The Son and the Man.

Think about this: the O.G Homie was nominated--and received--a Nobel Peace Prize, Why not one of us today ? Now we know that our righteousness to the rag cost many men their lives locally and globally.

Phonzerille 20/20

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