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Updated: Jan 19, 2022


Q. At what point did God take over your life? A. I believe God took back my life the very night of the murder becuz, I wanted to commit suicide and dive off the Narrows Bridge, but God took the wheel and as soon as I crossed the Bridge I drove into a ditch, then I was able to back out to have someone help me go turn myself in for a senseless and horrible murder. Q. I know when I first met you, you did a lot of Gid talk and I didn't want to be in your presence, but eventually you became a mentor to me. Why were you going after people with the word of God? A. Becuz I wanted people to experience the freedom that I had experienced spiritually from a Divine Encounter. Even while being in a place of captivity. And I knew if he could do it for me being a CHIEF SINNER meaning "q that continues to miss the mark of manhood" he could do it for anybody including you. But as we come to find out, its all in God's timing NOT Alphonso or Roberts. To be honest everyone that awakes to righteousness has that same zeal at first to save the world. Q. Now 1 thing I know about you is: PRISON and YOUR CRIME has cost you not only the opportunity to raise your daughter, but you've lost all contact with her. Now I know one day God will bring you 2 together. Will you be ready, and do you get butterflies thinking of what you would say to her? A. I will not say nothing, but listen to the pain that I have caused and let her vent in whichever way she chooses to vent. But! The reality is, this tragic event affected my oldest Daughter just as much and my son in ways I don't even know. I just Trust God to heal their wounds as he is continuing to heal mines in their absence. Q. This is more of a statement to you. You are a good Man and I would just trust GOD'S PATH. Jesus is a WAY MAKER and just know that Q. Okay so I know from experience that I've committed Domestic Violence against women in my past and so has at least 50% or more of the prison population, but the problem I see is : A guy gets convicted of Domestic Violence, comes to prison and he receives no HELP, or COUNSELING becuz The Department Of Corrections don't wanna touch it. In fact, I've seen 2 guys come back 4 times a piece for beating up women, they serve the time and they're put right back out there to beat up more women. Its important for me to say this becuz our system is flawed. Its not designed to help us, its not designed to help women and I want you to speak to the subject becuz I take murder serious as well as you, but we see people cone and go with zero help so you have to expect Murder to eventually follow. You must speak truth to power so I need you to speak to women from your heart. A. Sister's, first I apolijize for having committed such a horrific crime against one of you, but I want you all to first find LOVE within YOURSELVES. Please know that a man cannot LOVE you whole and complete if he doesn't LOVE HIMSELF and GOD. We men are good at pitching our personality in public and hiding our flawed character in public. No man can complete you if you are not complete with yourself. Relationships are no 50/50 they are 100/100. A whole man and a women. Q. This is more of a statement than a question but the reason why I did that last question is becuz as gang members we perpetuate violence against women all the time. We have women sexed on which means "she has to have sex with the top ranking fellas, women get beat up constantly to prove they're down, some get shot and murdered, we have them strap dope on their bodies and fly it back on airplanes, if we're selling dope and the police pull us over usually the women is asked to put it in her vaginal area or butt, and when buying and transporting dope the women is usually used as the transporter. So I borough this up becuz I feel like for FILTHY RAGS OUTREACH you can still speak to these young ladies who will join gangs. I believe this is a great platform. I wanna tell any lady reading that's wants to join, at the very least you will get pimped out. I had to Sons moms involved in the life and 1 got shot and survived, and the other one is dead and I was the shooter! Q. So what made you decide that the world needed a Filthy Rags Outreach? A. I decided that the world needed an Outreach becuz you must reach people right where they're at before you try to teach or preach the Gospel of Christ to them. Besides being in my mid 40's I never see men from my walk of life on the spiritual journey inside of a church, so we must reach them outside the walks of the building. Q. What's your overall vision for FILTHY RAGS OUTREACH? A. My overall vision for Filthy Rags Outreach is to see men operate in the spiritual gifts that God has given them. Have men mentor one another generationally. Have these Outreaches in every city where there is a heavy Gang Presence so we can prevent our inner-city youth from going down the same paths that ended us in prison. THIS CONCUDES PART 2

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