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"The Threefold Revelation"..!!!

The Essence of our Creator has come to reveal the life of our precious Lord Jesus to us, in us, and through us. As He does this threefold work, Christ will be able to live His life in us and through us. In the first aspect of this threefold revelation Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit reveals Himself to the believer, which results in regeneration of the heart. Then He comes to produce the nine fruits of the Spirit in the believer so that the essence of the our Lord Jesus becomes our life. The fruit of the Spirit is a description of character of Christ essence. In order to produce the character Christ in us, He enables us to lay our life down for His risen life, thereby setting us apart. As the fruit abounds in the life of the believer, So that we grow into the measure of the man that He desires us to be in Him and through Him.

Mr. Alphonso Bell

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