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Thus, says the Lord,"Let my people go,that they may serve me."

Filthy Rags Ministry,

Thus, says the Lord,

"Let my people go,

that they may serve me."

Exodus 8:1.

It is very noble of the citizens to believe that prisoner e-mails are running their normal course of delay of a few days, a week, or weeks. I know better. Legal matters and strong critical opinions openly reported in prisoner e-mails take longer to process. The delay in the processing violates prison policies and is illegal, at minimum a civil rights violation. But similar to prison racism, it is kept quiet, very quiet, reporting is kept to a minimum. Complaints would cause e-mails to process slower or disappear. Citizens in the free-world don't really care, unless they are attached to a prisoner in some fashion. To those citizens not attached to a prisoner, it doesn't matter that sometimes it takes prisoner e-mails weeks to get out. Prisoners don't need messages to be instantaneous like in the free-world. Let us ponder for a moment how a free-person would act if their e-mails took more than one (1) second to reach its destination. Hmmm. Now, let's expand that out to a week, now two (2) weeks. When would the outrage or suspicion of the free-people kick in? The conditions of confinement matters greatly to prisoners. Citizens, who do not live under the onerous conditions of government oppression and racism, minimize the devastating impact by ignoring the truth of how they would genuinely feel and act if the situation happened to them in the free-world. Let me offer a recently discussed analogy. A friend of mine had a stroke and is relegated to a wheelchair. I spent lots of time with him to help rehabilitate him from the wheelchair. Over a few years, he appears to have given up on walking and is now comfortable with the wheelchair. Discussions with others have led to statements such as,

"I would never give up. I would exercise every day, all the time. I would force myself to walk again. I would never sit in the wheelchair I would always walk behind it, pushing it."

These are all easy things to say when we aren't subjective, or we haven't run the gauntlet.

Prison officials have their official version of events. And, of course, as prisoners we live in the shadows of the unofficial version of events. Prison officials take the adamant position that no prisoners are abused, harassed or assaulted by prison guards. Guards are perfect human beings sacrificing their time to be at the prison to help those in need. If you ask the guards about their altruistic motivation, then they will clearly espouse the self-sacrifice for the greater good of mankind in the things they do, and that they would do these things for free, but the state and the guard union will not allow them to refuse payment. Yawn.

As I anticipate a negative response from the parole board denying my release, I immerse myself in prayer. From a positive perspective, I learned many new things in preparing for the parole hearing. First, foremost, and most painful, was the discovery of no genuine support, if any, from those were closest to me. Those who claim to be my friends and family all abandoned me. I came out of this life revealing exercise with a completely different set of family and friends. Some total strangers became my family, my sisters and brothers by supporting me in a manner which was awkward for them, outside of their comfort zone, but they made viable contributions to supporting me by putting their best thoughts and action forward. They grasped my desperation and need. They prayed, wrote letters and offered words of encouragement. I am so thankful for them, all of them, and for God placing these loving caring individuals in my life. I am thankful for you and your prayers.

I realize I have ascertained an impressive amount of support and momentum which should not be wasted and needs to be focused on the proper direction to determine if I will ever be released from prison. I understand the beast I am up against, the oppressive and racist state machine, my approach must be surgical, comprehensive and aggressive.

As a 61-year-old Asian-American, of the Kikuchi clan. For over 40 years, I have suffered from racism of the criminal justice system and within the prison system. I need your advice or suggestions for some direction on how to expose the racism safely without retaliation. Maybe there are websites with guidance in these matters ( This will serve as a sizeable portion of the foundation to the upcoming legal challenges. The racist oppression is only getting worse. Your ideas and assistance in the acquisition of documents from the internet would be greatly appreciated. Please pray about helping me. Thank you for your genuine interest and generous kindness in this matter.

Please rest assured I will only speak the truth. Sometimes it is ugly and can be painful. In regard to Washington state criminal justice system and the department of corrections, which includes the parole board, they are oppressive and racist. It is an accepted practice of which they are proud. They tout the possession of the justification of abuse through the irony of victimizing convicted prisoners (including their innocent family members), who victimized innocent citizens to arrive in prison. I cannot stand idly by and not express the truth of what I see and feel about the abusive nature of the citizen funded system of oppressive discriminatory racism. It is not isolated to me. Washington state legislative information has revealed that 67% of young Asians receive a greater sentence than white youths (See, "Fresh Start for Criminalized Youth"). My white co-defendant was the shooter and received less time than me. Moreover, the judge and prosecutor were white, and the 1981 jury was predominantly white. Remember, "silence in the face of evil in itself is evil." Anyhow, I am being forced in this direction by the criminal justice system.

Grace, mercy and peace.


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