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To Know Is To Act, In The Fashion Of Understanding.

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

To have the knowledge, and not use the blessings given, is the unfair-ness of your own doing. Even on our significant planet, the Earth, on which we make so much mischief, causing so much suffering to the earth, and for each other. Satisfy our individual, or national greeds, it's funny cause it ain't just about one persons greed, or selfish ways. The existence therein of various kinds of flowers, herbs, fruits,. and vegetables. Mines, minerals, valleys, mountains, rivers, and to be out at sea. is a whole another world, with different laws. Everything that exist in any shape, solid or liquid, has been created, it just didn't appear out the blue. Proceed : Each individually has a great significance to the "survival, and sustenance to life" in it's different forms with the proper balances to, and for nature. "God, created not the Heaven, and earth, and what is in between them for sport" Indeed, rarely do we stop, and ponder upon the creation, and the Law's of Nature. The simple logic is in the understanding that wherever exist is with "laws and order as opposed to disorder and confusion". There are three essential pre-requisites to the existence. First, there must be some "intelligent authority" who has evolved those laws, and who has clearly defined them, so that these laws are followed in "precise terms". People There's Only One, Over All, The Creator. In doing your part is to do the mathematics on all the prophets. How many prophets was there*? Please leave your, opinions, feelings, and answer in the comment box. (Thank You) THEEND. Part*2 is on it's way~20021 People Take Care and Be Kind ! And Please Be Safe and Have A Happy New Year. Ponder Up On This : What Are You Going To Do Different, In The Coming New Year******?? If the world is yours, what are you going to do to make it a better place for your guest******?? 11*mins until a new year, I'll be back I got a go see a man about a horse... Stay Safe People, and Thank You For Your Time. $"Anderzon288318...

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